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The UBER for virtual sex is born, and you may secretly want to try it out! LOLA is a site on which people from all over the world offer naughty one-on-one chat sessions on demand, through “sexting” and video chat... What’s special about LOLA? It’s discreet and ano- nymous as users never have to show their face. The site has been launched in early January and already has more than 20,000 members.


Adult movies still provide many people with pleasure worldwide but for a long time now it also has been possible to go one step further and virtually fantasize with a real person, live: Phone sex, pay-per-text chats, webcam live shows...

Nevertheless, users looking for a certain authenticity have realised that the beautiful “Natasha3657 “ from the pay-per-text chat is just an operator in a call centre. And even if it’s still entirely possible to interact with real amateurs in exchange for a few virtual tokens on “live cam sites”, the experience ends up resembling a virtual peep show more than an intimate chat time between two people.


LOLANEXTDOOR is an adult chat site on which anybody can offer one-on-one naughty chat sessions on demand: HOT CHAT (Chat by messages and instant photos. Basically «sexting».) and VIDEO CHAT (Live video call). Members set their own prices per minute in tokens starting from 5 tokens/min ($0.50/min). The site and all the chat features are available on computer and mobile, including instant photos and live video chat. So users can chat from their phones as they would with an app but without the need to download anything.

It’s discreet, intimate and totally anonymous as users are free never to show their face, really making this naughty activity accessible to everyone…

No public chat rooms nor girls hitting on hundreds of visitors at once in front of a webcam. The interface resembles a social networking site or an instant messaging app. The only difference: your contact list only contains people available for a one on one naughty chat now.

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