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Annual PornHub Award – Our Top Moments

PornHub awards 2018

We always talk about the best cam girls in different categories and present you the top models in different categories; however, at the end of the day, it is always based on our judgment and taste. For today, we have something more special for you. Just a couple of weeks ago, the first ever Annual PornHub Awards were held and in case you missed it, we got your back. Let us have a look at some of the best highlights of the very first “most-exciting” awards show for all of us, cam and porn industry lovers.

So, let’s start with the basics. The night was hosted by Asa Akira and directed by Kanye West himself. Well, obviously with it being the first year, the show has a huge room for improvement, but they are just getting started, so we are not going to be too harsh on the technical details here. And let’s admit it, there is way too much to look at during a PornHub awards show to take your mind off all those organizational issues.

Okay, now that we got all that details covered, it is time to get to the most exciting part – the winners. The good news is some of the winners are also cam models, so yes, we know exactly what you will be doing once you are done reading this post.

The Best Tits award is something I was really looking forward to and I was not surprised one bit to find out that Kendra Sunderland was the one to steal the prize. If you have ever seen Kendra’s breasts then neither will be you. And if not, then here they are for you.

Kendra is our famous naughty naughty girl. She is the one that got caught live camming from a public library. She even got convicted and had to pay a $1,000 fine, but it was so worth every penny, if you ask me. Kendra is also a Vixen girl.

Another award everyone was really looking forward to was Top MILF Performer and Brandi Love made sure she was the one to win it. If you have ever visited CamSoda then you have definitely seen her perform on live cam and if not, then you are missing out on a lot!

We have saved the best for the last. One of the nominations included Cam Performer of the Year, that’s right, now we actually know, who the best one is, well at least according to PornHub. Are you ready? And the Oscar goes to… scratch that… and the Annual PornHub award for the best cam performer of the year goes to – Jenny Blighe.

She could have easily won a lot more nominations, like the sexiest red head alive or one for the best blowjob performer, but we are quite happy with this result as well. You can watch Jenny live on My Free Cams.

Oh yes, we know exactly what you are thinking! She is smokin’ hot! And apparently she knows how to put on a show worth watching. So, we are not going to waste any more of your time. You can go start watching her now. Enjoy!

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