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Camming on the go – safe or not?!

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One of the things that make or break any website nowadays is whether or not there are compatible with the smartphones. We basically control our lives through our little devices nowadays. From calling our loved ones and checking emails, to ordering food and shopping, everything it possible through smartphones. And with time, more and more everyday tasks become manageable through them. It is only natural that we all pay huge attention to whether or not company/website has taken into consideration their customers’ comfort and made their services and products accessible via iPhones and other similar devices.

So, if we order food with smartphones, buy our clothes and shoes with it, watch all the news, communicate with friends and coworkers, make appointments, listen to music, capture special moments and memories with our phones, why should not we be able to satisfy our sexual beast with it too? Well, obviously the gurus of live sex cam websites have thought about it too and great majority of such websites have made their websites mobile friendly, so that their users can enjoy great live sex show whenever and wherever they are. All you need is a smartphone and internet connection. However, everything comes with a price and a watching live sex cam on your smartphone also has its pros and cons.

Let’s have a look at some of the pros and cons of watching your favorite sex model get all naughty and dirty on camera via your smartphone.


Accessibility – your smartphone is always with you. So, in case all of a sudden you have this wild urge to get sexy, you are just seconds away from watching your favorite model strip naked and please herself. While you might not want to get into full-on private sex show while on the subway heading home or out with friends, you can easily check on your favorite girls and make arrangement for later.

Always up-to-date – if you have a crush on specific models and try to get as much of their online time as possible, then you should definitely consider linking your phone with your go-to XXX cam website. That way you will get notifications every time that sexy model is online and ready to rock.


Limited visibility – if you are used to watching your porn and sex cams on a big screen, then the first time you try watching in on the smartphone might be disappointing. It might seem like you’re missing out on a lot of details.

Limited choice – not all sex cam websites are mobile friendly yet.

While on PC or leptop, you can easily switch to incognito mode on your browser to make sure no one finds out about your little naughty activities, with smartphone you may be more cautious. We have all been there – downloading a new app or going to a website with our smartphone and silently freaking out that something might automatically get posted on your social media page. No one wants a live sex cam add on their profile, especially those who have all the coworkers and relatives as friends or followers.


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