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Camming – The origins

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There is one thing we all surely agree on. Live sex cam websites has brought a huge revelation of our sexual needs and desires. Now everything is as real and satisfying as it gets. With thousands of girls and guys online 24/7 and ready to make all your sexual fantasies come true, online porn industry has never before been so exciting. However, have you once stopped while enjoying one of the sexiest live sex cam shows and thought about how it all started. How we got from set up porn movies to un-directed un-cut live sex entertainment? Well, we have and here is the uncut history of sex-camming. How it all started and who we have to thank.

While you may think that XXX cam sites are super new and fresh side of the porn industry, you might be amazed to find out that some of the pioneering live sex cam websites have been online for as long as 2 decades. That’s right, sex cam websites have been around for 20 years now and you have been watching same porn movies over and over again instead.

The first ones to introduce sex cams were Flirt4Free and in 1996. Then, in about 3 years came the iFriendshave and Streamate. These websites are still up and running after so many years. Definitely says a word or two about their quality and legitimacy, so take a note. However, even they were not the true originators of sex camming online. Who we truly have to thank is Jennifer Kaye Ringley. Have you ever heard of JenniCam? That’s her! And if not, then here’s the story. Jennifer decided to broadcast her everyday life on camera and basically allowed anyone and everyone, who cared enough to watch her life at a college dorm room. Surprisingly, even back then, her broadcasts were nothing close to conservative. She did it all on cam, from getting naked and masturbating to having sex with random guys. Guess what? She soon became a star.

That was exactly when the other websites emerged. While the sex cam websites were dramatically different back then, the general idea was the same. Nowadays, online sex model directories are incredibly big and diverse, with models from all over the world and all kinds of kinks and fetishes. And let’s not forget that the cam quality has improved drastically over the years, with most of the websites nowadays supporting Full HD and some of them even VR technology. 20 years ago, Jennifer would probably find it hard to believe that it would be possible for someone to remotely control her sex toys and give the viewers even more to look at. So next time you will be binge watching and going through your favorite sex cam models and favorite XXX cam websites, you will actually know how it all began. And therefore only get more excited for what the feature has to hold for us and ever evolving sex world. One thing stays the same; we are always craving for some sex, whether online, offline or on cam.

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