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While online sex cam websites are all about no rules and boundaries and making even the weirdest and kinkiest sexual dreams a reality, there still are unwritten rules, that you do not necessarily have to follow, but they make the whole experience better for all parties involved. If you master the golden “camtiquette”, you will be able to experience online XXX cam websites to the fullest and get maximum pleasure and satisfaction from every broadcast you tune into. It is all pretty simple. Read our today’s blog post to find out all the secrets of Sex Cam Etiquette.

One of the main rules of adult sex cam websites is to be polite and remember that these are the real people you see on the other end of the camera. Compared to porn movies, these are not actors, their feelings are real and you can easily offend them by being a jerk. Well, yes, you are both here for fun and sex obviously, but a little foreplay can put you both in mood and help you achieve “better results”. So, what exactly does being polite mean? Don’t tell the girls how big your dick is instead of saying hello. Greet them first and try to compliment them. They will appreciate it a lot and make sure you get the high quality show that you deserve for not being a jerk at least. Overall, don’t treat them like a piece of meat. No one likes that. First of all, you might get banned for being rude and on the other hand it just is not right. These girls are not here to serve you. Remember that they can choose who views their camera and if they don’t like you, that will be it for you.

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If you really want to get the girls attention, try to get a little more creative and go past the regular Joey’s “How you doin’?” vibe. Ask her some questions. Find out what interests she has, even if it is in bed. This can also help you decide whether or not it is worth paying for a private show. It is always smart to find out beforehand how far a model is willing to go, especially with the kinky ones.

Golden Tip: try going through her profile and reading her bio to come up with more specific questions.

Golden Tip 2: Ask her about something in the background, maybe a poster on the wall or special mug. This will make her think that you are not just another creep, who just stares at her tits the whole time.

Golden Tip 3: Initiate talk about the zodiac signs. Girls often fall for it.

All of the above 3 tips will help you get the girl’s attention the rest is up to you. Once you get her attention it should all go real smooth, unless you manage to mess it up, by being a jerk once again. But don’t worry, just like in everything else, practice makes perfect here, too. So, all you need is a little experience and you will soon find yourself a pro of interacting with some of the most demanded live sex cam girls online.

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