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The hidden gems of the live sex web

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When XXX cam websites first appeared on the web, it was basically a revolution in the porn industry. We were all so excited. No more monotonous scenarios and same angles. Everything became much more entertaining and unpredictable with real girls and live cams.

The classic sex cam website lets you watch a model’s live feed and chat with her simultaneously. Besides basics like getting naked, masturbating, fucking, etc, most of the girls and guys are willing to do whatever you ask them to on camera, if you behave yourself and obviously tip a little extra for dirtier fantasies. However, today live sex cam chats are no longer something new and fresh and the viewers are always looking for the websites that stand out from the bunch. Fortunately, there is a lot more to sex cam world than you might know.

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XXX shows have gone far beyond the usual sexting and stripping on cam. You can find specialized websites with naughty couples, sexy lesbians, some of the hottest gays and trans models. So, if you are looking for something specific, you will no longer have to go through hundreds of websites to find that exact camera. You can just go to the one that focuses on your special desires. You can find all kinds of sex cams for various fetishes including squirting, feet, submissives, pregnant girls and so on. But there are several websites that might actually blow you mind. You would never come up with the idea on your own. That is exactly why, in today’s blog post, we will discuss some of the wildest sex websites out there.


We all know that dildos are a big part of live sex shows, but PinkRose took it to a whole new level. Some girls on their website have a lot more to offer than just a look at their pretty pussy. You can actually dive inside the vagina with a special camera installed at the tip of the toy. It is a rather fresh and arousing way to get off online. If you can’t find a girl with the “dildocam” at some point, you can always ask a model to use it.

Camming in Public

Couple of years ago, there was a whole fuss about live sex camming in public areas. It was all started by Kendra Sutherland, who made her name by doing live shows from the Oregon State Library. She instantly became the one to watch in the cam world. Everyone wanted a sneak peek of her show. Naturally, a lot of other girls liked the idea and tried to get creative with camming in public. However, not all are as ballsy as the Kendra. So, a whole new niche of fake public camming appeared. One of them is OfficeOnline with Polina. She has a room set up to look like an office with her boss in the background.

If you are into trying something cooler than just another live sex cam website, then make sure to check out our blog from time to time. We will make sure you will be the first to find out about the wildest, sexiest and the most exclusive XXX live cams websites.

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