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The sexiest German cam girls

German cam girl

We have already talked about cam girls from one of the most sensual and sexual country in the world. That’s right. Our last blog post was about top French cam girls. While they truly are a pleasure to look at, today we would like to talk about a different country – a country which everyone associates with hardcore porn. Have you guess the country yet? Well, if you have ever made a parody of basic porn movies, then you probably have. If Germany has never been your go-to nation when thinking about sexy women, you haven’t really given it enough thought. Some of the top supermodels like Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer and hottest actresses like Michelle Pfeiffer are just very few of German’s pride. However, for me it is not their blonde hair and exquisite bone structure that does the trick, nor their legs that go on for days. It is that sex drive you can see in any German’s face; that rough and tough way to make love. So, if rough love-making is what you are looking for forget French girls, you have to check out German cam models. There are plenty of them on the web, but in order to have the best experience, you have to go for the top German cam models. Like always, we are going to share only the best with you. Here is our top 3 list:

  • 1. BustyNatasch
  • 2. Alexia_Li
  • 3. Lori Lun

Not sure how it is possible, but if you feel like none of these super sexy German girls are exactly what you were looking for you can easily explore quality XXX live cam sites by narrowing down the search results by choosing German girls. Some of the best camming websites offers narrowing down search results based on models’ nationality. And you will be surprised to see how many of them have a special category dedicated to German girls. It is definitely not a surprise for me, cause they know how to make a man cum. They can do it with their eyes closed.

To get you started, here is a list of live cam websites that feature a lot of sexy German girls:

  • 1. Im Live
  • 2.
  • 3. Camingle

The only obstacle you might come across with German girls is language barrier. Some of them might not speak English. Most of them understand some basic English and plus, there is always body language to help you out. We all know how to hint someone about a blowjob by using a single hand, and these girls surely do, too. However, if you want to take your experience with German Cam Girl to the next level here are some basic German phrases to help you out.

Hello, how are you? = Hallo, we geht es dir?

Show me your legs = Zeig es dein Beine

Show me your breasts = Zeig mir dein Brüste

Show me your ass = Zeig es deinen Arsch

Put it in your ass = Leg es in deinen Arsch

Show me your pussy = Zeig es deine Muschi

Not only will these phrases help you out if the model does not speak English, but also you will stand out among other viewers and get an extra “credit” for trying. Don’t forget to thank her once you are done enjoying the show. Thank You = Danke

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