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Camarads is one of the worldโ€™s fastest growing voyeur tubes. Why? The reason is simple. You get to watch real life sex 24 hours. On Camarads you can watch real couplesโ€™ everyday life. You will have access to everything they do in the house, every room, 24 hours a day. Most importantly, the girls, whether living alone or with their partners, walk around naked most of the time. So, there is always something to look at, even if they are sleeping.

Some couples cams on Camarads are free, but for others you will need a membership. I would say the free ones are pretty legit and there is a lot going on in those house, but in case you get bored with them, you can always go premium. The prices for premium membership are pretty affordable. Keep in mind, that the longer membership you purchase, the better deal you will get. With premium membership, you get access to 85 cams, full-screen mode, camera previews and 24 hour replay access. So, if you need to run to work, but something interesting is going on in your favorite house, you can always come back later and rewind.

The cool thing about Camarads is that there is no need to click on a lot of links or register before you get to the interesting part. Just by visiting their website, you will already be viewing the live feed from one of the houses. You can easily switch between the houses with one simple click on the thumbnail of another house. Also, it is very convenient to view all houses with thumbnails on your right as you watch one specific live. If you see something interesting going on in another house, you can switch to their cam right away.

With high quality HD cam and crystal clear image, Camarads is an interesting alternative to regular XXX cam sites.

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